Sunday, May 05, 2002

Sharon Leaves for the US that Turned on Me so Viciously

At this time, when Sharon is travelling to America, at this time, when I have been so viciously betrayed by the Americans, at this most difficult time of my struggle, I am becoming more reflective. I'm thinking back to my earlier days, before even I joined the PLO. When I formed al Fatah. We had a purpose, we had a vision then!

Of course we have not since then changed our constitution, but I feel we've lost something. We've lost the camraderie we had, the elan. I remember the days of Black September--those were the days. My men were true fanatics! Not spineless cowards like Marwan Barghouti, would surrender outright to the Zionist invaders! He practically begged them to take him alive, how can I tell my people to resist if all that they see of their leaders is pathetic capitulation. I would never capitulate to the Israelis, never. [didn't you agree to arrest six wanted terrorists to be let out of Ramallah?--ed Who are you to attack me like this? Who are you to attack General Yasser Arafat? YOU HAVE TO BE ACCURATELY WHEN YOU ARE SPEAKING WITH YASSER ARAFAT! BE QUIET! Thank you. Bye-bye **BANG**]

As I was saying, I remember the days of Black September. We were something to be feared! When we killed Wafsi Tell, the world took notice. When we licked his blood from the floor, they couldn't look away. When our commandos stormed the Munich Olympics and took the Zionists hostage, the world stared in horror. When we hijacked those planes, the world had no choice but to watch us. How things have changed--now the media do me their favors by ignoring my acts of terror! Before, I was their star, their darling, because I did things no other man dared.

What will come of Sharon's trip to America? What sort of peace plan is he proposing? If I can't carry out a large commando operation soon, I will be ashamed like never before. This is a personal matter, if I cannot show the world I am still capable of resistance, they will lose all respect for me.

I don't understand what is happening now. Condoleezza Rice has said "the Palestinian leadership that is there now, the Authority, is not the kind of leadership that can lead to the kind of Palestinian state that we need." Would they be getting rid of me so quickly? It appeared from his previous actions Bush was merely stalling for time, why is he now being so aggressive?

It is late, I must rest. I have a terrible feeling things are changing faster than I can perceive. In any case, I have always been the great survivor--if nothing else--and tomorrow is another day in my struggle.
At last, some Good News

My good friend Saddam--he's not a Zionist puppet like the Egyptians--is resuming oil exports. Now he will be able to fund my intifada. I need money, now more than ever, with so many of my top lieutenants were killed or surrendered, experienced commandos dead or captured, the engineers hunted to near extinction, their laboratories raided. It is good there should be this news before the end of the night. I need good news right now, I feel so alone in this struggle. I'm hurting, every day, every day that I'm unable to kill Zionist invader Jews. It is so difficult for me to be persecuted like this.
The Americans Continue their War Against the Noble Palestinian People and their Sole Legitimate Representative, General Yasser Arafat

Look what the Americans have done now:

JERUSALEM - Four visiting US Congressmen expressed shock today at the mass of Palestinian weaponry captured by Israel during its recent military operation in the West Bank.

The Israeli military organized the display for the four pro-Israel lawmakers, two Democrats and two Republicans, visiting Israel to express solidarity with the Jewish state during its conflict with the Palestinians.

They saw rows of rifles, boxes of pistols and piles of submachine guns at an army base in the center of the country.
Why must the Americans keep hounding me? Why are they so obsessed with trying to destroy me? This is so frustrating, it's so difficult for me to understand.
Damn the Zionist Media! Damn them to Hell!

Didn't I forget to mention that a Zionazi tank killed a Palestinian woman and her two children!? I don' t think so. Why is the media mostly ignoring this story? Why are they running stories about my link to terrorism instead?

Look at the real terror, the state terror of the Israelis! The deaths of this woman and child might have been accidental, but they were callous accidents. The Nazi Occupation soldiers don't care how many Palestinians they kill. Sometimes they line Palestinians up, and shoot them all in the head. THERE IS NO END TO THE RACISM AND STATE TERROR OF THE SETTLER REGIME OF ARIEL SHARON! THERE IS NO FUCKING END TO THE UNPRECEDENTED CRIMES OF THE TERRORIST NAZI ZIONIST REGIME OF SHARON THE BUTCHER!
Damned Fucking Racist Zionazis

I'm going to have this one killed. There is only death for him. I cannot go on being humiliated in this fashion. It's just not fair!

Damn that Jew to Hell! I would drag him there myself, if I could!
Fascist Zionist Occupation Bastards

IDF Forces Uncover Bethlehem Weapons Cache

The Zionazis recovered "dozens of weapons, IDF uniforms, ammunition, night vision apparatus, and IDF communication devices." This is very frustrating, these finds are so common.
Another Controversy in the Blogosphere

Is the NRA convention, and some of the speakers' treatment of gays. I disagree completely with the principle of arming victims. The whole point of attacking civilians is to attack unarmed targets. The motto of the Pink Pistols is "armed gays don't get bashed." And armed Zionists don't get led off to the slaughter. The idea of a minority group taking up guns appeals to me--the idea of a group taking up guns for self-defense is disgusting. For what purpose are firearms, if they are not used towards revolutionary ends?

Of course I believe Debbie Schlussel would say such a thing, she is a stupid fucking Nazi Jew bitch. Her attacks on my close personal friend "Jihad Darrell" Issa were painful for me to read. She is another Zionist whore who needs to be flogged until she learns to keep silent. We have a saying in Palestine, "womanly silence is golden."

I distrust the Nationwide Rifle Association, their leader is a Christian who pretends to be the Jew Moses. What Christian in his right mind would pretend to be a Jew? Are the Zionists so powerful in America? It would seem to be the case.
I feel obliged as a weblogger

To join in on the attacks on Francis Fukuyama's pathetic screed. After my rejuvenating nap, I'm ready post again, and I am ready to tackle this subject.

The great free-market revolution that began with the coming to power of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan at the close of the 1970s has finally reached its Thermidor, or point of reversal. Like the French Revolution, it derived its energy from a simple idea of liberty, to wit, that the modern welfare state had grown too large, and that individuals were excessively regulated. The truth of this idea was vindicated by the sudden and unexpected collapse of Communism in 1989, as well as by the performance of the American and British economies in the 1990s.
The "free-market revolution" cannot compare to the glorious French revolution. Where were the guillotines? Where was the mass murder? To compare the two is to insult the French Revolution.

Communism fell because of the reformist policies such as Glasnost, and the turn away from revolutionary thought. If the Soviet Union had continued to support true revolutionaries such as myself, they would never have lost their sense of purpose, and would still be standing today. If they had not neglected their vanguard, they would not be in the ash heap of history.

Yet the revolution entered a Jacobin phase with the election of Newt Gingrich's Congress in 1994, even as the Clinton-Blair left shifted gears and scrambled to occupy the old center. For many on the right, Mr. Reagan's classical liberalism began to evolve into libertarianism, an ideological hostility to the state in all its manifestations.
I will ignore the swipe at the Jacobins. But please, "began to evolve?" Mr. Reagan was a libertarian before he ever set foot in the White House. He signed a landmark law in California legalizing abortion, and said he was getting government off the backs of the people. If he became more conservative in the White House, that was only the result of Zionist influences. Newt Gingrich was merely returning to Reagan's ideological roots.

Sept. 11 ended this line of argument. It was a reminder to Americans of why government exists, and why it has to tax citizens and spend money to promote collective interests. It was only the government, and not the market or individuals, that could be depended on to send firemen into buildings, or to fight terrorists, or to screen passengers at airports.
Most Libertarians, even the Libertopians in the LP, believe government has a duty to protect its citizens. In fact, they believe this is the primary duty of any government. I agree completely; I have totally neglected improving the situation in the refugee camps, I have embezzled money to funnel it into the hands of terrorists (there is no shame in admitting this), I have done everything possible to support the military actions against Zionist occupation and have never given second thought to creating a welfare state (if UNRWA wants to do that for me, more power to them).

I must agree with the second notion, however. Hamas gave it their best shot, but they couldn't compete with the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, funded by my government. In their short life (which appears to have sadly come close to being ended), the Brigades carried out more suicide bombings than Hamas ever has.

Even if one does not share the view of religious conservatives that embryos have the moral status of infants
If it can't strap on a suicide bomb and kill Zionist occupiers, it has absolutely no value or "moral status."

We already have a clear example of this in China and India, where cheap sonograms and abortion have allowed parents to produce a fifth more boys than girls--a recipe for social instability when these boys come of age and find no mates.
Who wants instability when they could have a formula for revolution? The right way is to have as many children of every sex as possible. Even if half of the boys and men die off, other men can simply take two wives. And then they can have children just as quickly as if all of the males were alive (with UNRWA money this is very possible; even if they die after having kids, Saddam and the House of Saud will pick up the tab). Of course, it is still worthwhile to send female suicide bombers out, for the public relations value--but that is just an insignificant number of women.

Would the child of an African-American couple be "improved" if she could be born with white skin? Would boys be better human beings if they were born with less of a propensity for aggression?
To answer the first question, if it would help him or her to "pass" as a suicide bomber, then by all means yes. To answer the second question, of course not! What is a man if he is not a killing machine? What defines manhood beyond the ability to pick up a rifle and cut down occupation soldiers (Even better would be civilians in the settlements. And best would be civilians in the 1947 borders. If anyone has any doubt as to our intentions, look how we celebrate killings: settlers are worth less than civilians within the 1947 borders)

It is in this respect that the cloning bills before the Senate take on significance.
Whatever the Zionists want, they will get. Why is Fukuyama-face so upset, throwing this fit? Why doesn't he resign himself to the realities of Washington? What he says has no importance unless it pleases the Jews.

The liberalism of the Founding Fathers was built on natural rights. Political rights were seen as a means of protecting those rights which inhered in us as members of a human species that sought certain common natural ends. Thomas Jefferson, toward the end of his life, observed that political rights should be enjoyed equally because nature had not contrived to have some men born with saddles on their backs and others born "booted and spurred" to ride them.
Quoting supposedly great men to argue your points is just a form of cowardice. Say what you really believe, and defend it, don't count on another's fame to give you credibility. General Yasser Arafat never quotes anyone other than himself.

At any rate, this is a foolish and dangerously wrong concept. Some of us were born to greatness, some of us were born to be revolutionaries. We were born into middle-class families, and attended colleges and universities where we learned the intricacies of revolutionary thought. Look at the heroic martyrs of September the 11th. They were born to acheive greatness, they were the sons of doctors and lawyers. They were the elite. My own Al-Aksa Martyr Brigades were primarily middle-class. I was born to acheive greatness, the other Palestinians were born to serve me. I believe my record speaks for itself.

In any case, if Fukuyama is going to quote Jefferson, I can quote Benjamin Franklin (it is on the web site of the ADL, it is therefore unimpeachable):
There is a great danger for the United State of America. This great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in every land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have remained apart and unassimilated; oppressed, they attempt to strangle the nation financially, as in the case of Portugal and Spain.
I rest my case. Fukuyama is a dangerous twister of the truth. He plays fast and loose with the facts, and couldn't stage an intifada to save his skin.
Chirac Looks Set to Win the Election

The staff here at Yasser's headquarters are disappointed by this result. Yes, Le Pen hates Arabs, but he also hates Jews. And that's not the point: a Le Pen victory would have led to massive, massive rioting in the streets. He would not be able to carry out large-scale deportations without suffering grievous consequences politically, so the French Arabs would have been able to begin their own intifada. Even if they lost, they would be able to seriously harm France.

We should love France, but frankly, our morale here is at an all-time low. Our ability to fight the Israelis is broken. We'd take a victory anywhere as a victory right now. Maybe this is all for the better. We're not ready to plunge Europe into chaos, if we were to do so now, Sharon would be given a free hand to clear the West Bank.

We should continue to build our numbers, and continue to nurture the rage of the European Arabs. Their day of triumph will come soon enough. The time to globalize the intifada will come soon enough. It is a world-wide war of attrition, and we will win.

--Posted by the staff of General Yasser Arafat.
While Arafat is Sleeping

While Yasser is sleeping, we will update his diary with photographs from the news wires.

Honorary Arabs. The Canadian ambassador to the Zionist entity, and members of his delegation; they are actually less sycophantic to the Zionists than the Egyptians.

Uncle Fester Egyptian Zionist Minister Ahmed Maher

General Arafat loves doing this even more than he likes to make the V-sign.

--Posted by the staff of General Yasser Arafat.
My friends have left

I met with some Egyptian Zionist puppets earlier today. To show how angry I was with their government, I blogged through the whole meeting. But I should not be upset that they are Zionist puppets, they are in a difficult situation, just as I am.

I think I'll take a short nap now. I feel so sleepy.
Now I feel like I maybe shouldn't have done this

The Nativity Church talks are off, and they won't be getting any new food. Was this a mistake? Maybe I was pushing for too hard a line in the negotiations. Things will all turn out for the best, I know it.
I couldn't find any fløwers

Because I live in a concrete monstrosity called a "refugee camp." It's so ugly. I never bøthered tø turn it into a real city. There are so many missed øpportunities.

But if I had done that, the birth rate would decrease, and people would have better things to dø than to become sucide bombers. I would not be able to wage war against the Israelis. I don't know if it was worth it in the long run, but I fear I've gone too far to go back.
I feel much better now.

I am very calm. I'm not mad at all. I'm happy, for no real reason. I think I'll go outside and pick some flowers.

It always helps when Dr. Abdullah brings me some relaxation tea, and gives me a special vitamin shot.

I feel like I'm flying in the clouds.

Flying in the cløuds with Terje.

Today is the largest pro-Israel gathering in the world--this is terrible news. Just terrible. awful. Nothing has gone right this day. Nothing, absolutely. Nothing is going right. My attacks all are failing, they're falling harmlessly off the fucking wall of Sharon. The American puppets are turning on me openly; where Condi goes, Bush follows. The American Congress pressures Bush to back Israel. And now a million Americans might come to watch this parade. Of course it is New York, the home of so many Zionists and Jews, and I can take pleasure in the operations of September the 11th. Their justice came in advance, just like the Palestinians were avenged in advance by Adolf Hitler. But I am still upset. I am so upset. I am in a rage, I cannot think. I have never been this angry before, never. DAMN THAT BITCH RICE! DAMN THAT NAZI BASTARD SHARON! ALL OF THE ZIONISTS MUST BE KILLED! I WILL KILL AS MANY AS I CAN, FOR THIS DAY I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM!


First she says "Settlements will eventually be an issue. But I think we have to get the context right here." Then she says the PA is not suitable leadership to create a Palestinian state She says I am a corrupt terrorist!

How dare she! Here in Palestine we would never allow a woman to say such things. We would put her in her place, we would beat her until she bowed to my authority. She would be forced to wear a veil to cover her bruised face.

That Zionist bitch! No wonder Sharon said he wanted to fuck her. I'll bet she gave in to him, too.

Damn that woman, that treacherous Nazi! Damn her! If she is saying such things, soon they will become American policy. Zionist Figurehead Bush will rubber-stamp whatever she sends him. Damn her! Damn her and her Zionist masters! I'm so angry, this makes me so upset, I want to smash things. ARAFAT SMASH PUNY ZIONISTS!
Egyptians are on my side

Hosni Mubarak might be a pathetic puppet of the Zionist racist occupiers, but his people stand with me. Accursed Forever and Ever, the Jews will suffer and die forever and ever.
"With regard to the fraud of the Holocaust… Many French studies have proven that this is no more than a fabrication, a lie, and a fraud!! That is, it is a 'scenario' the plot of which was carefully tailored, using several faked photos completely unconnected to the truth. Yes, it is a film, no more and no less. Hitler himself, whom they accuse of Nazism, is in my eyes no more than a modest 'pupil' in the world of murder and bloodshed. He is completely innocent of the charge of frying them in the hell of his false Holocaust!!"

"The entire matter, as many French and British scientists and researchers have proven, is nothing more than a huge Israeli plot aimed at extorting the German government in particular and the European countries in general. But I, personally and in light of this imaginary tale, complain to Hitler, even saying to him from the bottom of my heart, 'If only you had done it, brother, if only it had really happened, so that the world could sigh in relief [without] their evil and sin.'"
There never was a Holocaust, but it was the greatest event in human history, and the Zionists are worse than the Nazis!
We Shall Overwhelm

The Zionist Nazi media has the Palestinian strategy figured out: Birth rate works against Israel. I still remember giving that speech, it was masterful. I was wearing the same dark brown shirt and the same Kaffiyeh I wear today. I told them to have 12 children, "two for themselves and 10 for the Palestinian struggle."

I will not live to see a free Palestine (a Palestine free of Jews--of course I would never live to see a free Palestine, with free elections and free speech because I will never allow that!). The United Nations Relief Works Agency and I have set in motion the machine to free Palestine. Living on so much welfare, with nothing to do other than procreate, of course I will breed great armies to liberate Palestine. They will not be able to win militarily, no, but they will be able to win the moral victory. My armies will bleed and die until Israel is forced to retreat.
The Iranians know how to take care of business

They've sent a terrorist traitor journalist Shah-lover to jail for eight years. There is only one way to stop dissent, and that is with an iron fist. It's certainly worked for me, I've dealt with hundreds of collaborators. Look at the foolish Zionists. They let the anti-Zionists speak freely over there, that will be the death of their state. Neta Golan is a warrior for my cause.

I'm actually in a meeting right now with a bunch of boring Egyptian Zionist puppets. They refuse to stand behind my struggle, they've been bought off by the American military aid money. I'm telling them I'm taking notes on my laptop, but it's obvious I'm not paying attention. I don't see how I could make my displeasure any more obvious.

They've managed to stop my terror attack on Jerusalem. Must I always be thwarted like this? These fucking Jew bastards never stop attacking me like this!
I'm Waiting, but there is Nothing New

There are no new photos of Terje yet. I'll have to make do with an old one. The glasses make him look very distinguished and muscular.

And he's even wrapped in my second-favorite flag! He's such a tease!

Bulent you stupid bastard! No, I will not send condolences, but I will say I hope you had fun in the hospital you cowardly traitor-to-Palestine! Your country is the shame of the Muslim world, you wish you were Europeans rather than Arabs. No man who would rather be a European than an Arab can be a true Muslim!

Of course you had gas pains! You are full of gas. Nothing but gas and hot air and Zionist strings attached to your puppet arms. You want into the European Union? You want to be white? Then dance for the Zionists!
But the Nazi Jerusalem Post

Also prints stories that warm my heart.

The Zionists might be able to stop the Arab armies, who have deserted the Palestinian people, they might be able to crush the commando groups here, they might be able to prevent their own destruction, but they cannot protect themselves from constant death. They cannot escape that, we have brought death to them, no one can deny this. We should not be ashamed, as the Zionist American media wants us to be, we should revel in this revolutionary death.

The death of martyr is holy, the killing of Jews is holy. Everyone in Palestine is either a Jew, a Jew-lover, or a potential martyr. I am not a Muslim. But I am not a secular man. My religion is death, killing, and murder. It is holy, it is always holy, in Palestine, to kill and to die.

The Americans are weak, because they do not understand this.
The Nazi Jerusalem Post

Always prints disgusting Jewish propaganda. Thankfully, most other newspapers are brave enough to avoid stories like that. Damnable Jew propaganda! They are worse than Joseph Goebbels! They are the most evil, evil people on the planet! They have horns and tails and cloven feet! Why are so many Jews doctors? To take out the horns, cut off the tail, and hide the pig feet!

If word gets out that the standoff at the Nativity Church is a hostage situation, I will have a much harder time explaining why I told them not to surrender. This would be very bad for me at this time.
I just love international conferences

I get to meet and socialize with other Arab and European leaders. They're so much fun! I get to talk about politics and the intifada, and they all laud me for being such a hero in the face of Zionist aggression!!

And now Bush wants a new conference, how could I say no? I will of course make demands on the Zionists first, such as that they withdraw from my territories. This will put pressure on them to leave the Nativity Church, which allow me to extract more concessions from them in exchange for a surrender there.

But how can I be sure he's going to invite me? I'm so nervous.

The Zionist Nazi pigs blew up my tunnel!

The Zionazi tank killed a Palestinian woman and her two children! This is great news! This will make me look great for the television cameras! The Zionist-controlled media will report this atrocity widely (for reasons I am unable to explain, assuming the media is controlled by Zionists).

The Noble Europeans will certainly put a lot of pressure on Israel over this, they will be forced to accept less from the Nativity Church siege than they wished, and it will hang as a dark cloud over Sharon's meeting with Bush.

Now Sharon knows how I felt when I had to talk to Colin Powell after setting off a suicide bomb at a Jerusalem bus stop.
The Zionist Media

As if I don't have enough troubles as it is, I just got word some Zionist Nazi pigs are starting a new newspaper in Los Angeles, and it's possible to subscribe in advance. It's founded by a bunch of Jews like the Jew Matt Welch and the Jew Richard Riordan.

As if the Los Angeles Times was not already too pro-Israel! Even Robert Scheer annoys me at times. Will there never be a truly fair and objective Western media source that isn't controlled by the Jewish conspirators?
Debka always makes me laugh

According to the DEBKAfile, I'm planning attacks on the American and British soldiers guarding the prisoners. I know I've killed my share of Americans in the past, but it wouldn't be a very good idea to do that now. Dick Armey would put out another resolution calling for Al Nakba II, and the Zionist-controlled American Congress would sign it.

Of course, I have no control over the PFLP ;-) so if they were to carry out the attack, without my knowledge ;-) there's not much I could do about it, is there ;-)

But, then again, Dick Armey probably wouldn't care :-(
Tee Hee Hee!

Ha ha! One of my Fatah agents has escaped from those bumbling fools from Nachshon! He was a daring son of a gun, too, he was caught after he planted a bomb inside a Zionist soldier's home, under his bed! It's good to have him back with us.

My Attorney General might let Fouad and Ahmad out, too, I just haven't decided yet. This day is really løøking up for me.


My bomb attack on a tank was carried out, finally a new assault. But it failed miserably, there was only one Israeli casualty, with light head wound, and they killed two operatives.

Terje, come and help me. Make them sign a cease-fire! Do something, rescue me from this terrible plight, hold me in your strong arms, and assure me you will protect my little state.

Who cares whether the Israelis can't build their new Merkava IV tank because of the boycott, their Merkava IIIs are the best in the world. I can't fight this armor, I need more weapons. But the bastards stopped the Karine A. And then the FUCKING BASTARDS forced me to arrest the man who planned the mission! Adding insult to injury! Bastards! I should have shot him for failing, then the Israelis would have no one to arrest!

But if I shot my operatives for failure, I would have to kill them all. It's not like they're good for anything. The good-for-nothing Barghouti just surrendered to the Israeli Nazionists. I wonder sometimes if I should not just surrender and sign their peace plan.

But I have an ace up my sleeve. I'm sending out a terrorist to carry out an attack on Jerusalem. That should help boost the Palestinians' morale.
Now I'm Quaking With Rage!

I decided to take a break from working when my copy of The Guardian was hand-delivered today (it's delayed because it's hard to find a paperboy who will fly the paper into the West Bank. But my good friends at the Guardian are nice enough to provide the service free of charge). It is usually the most relaxing moment of my day to read of the happenings in the world free in a paper free of Zionist lies. But then I came to this article:
The most senior Republican in the House of Representatives has called for Palestinians to be expelled from the West Bank, which should be annexed in its entirety by the state of Israel.

Dick Armey, majority leader in the House, shocked a primetime television audience when he said in a chat-show interview, that East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza - all occupied by the Israeli army since the 1967 war - should be considered a part of Israel proper. He was "content to have a Palestinian state", but argued that such an entity could be set up inside other Arab countries.
Armey wants to see the Palestinian state crushed. How could, where do, this bastard needs to be stopped! I would release my good DFLP friends from their jail cells, and have them deal with Armey, but the Israelis insisted American and British soldiers guard the prisoners. Damn that Zionist bastard Sharon and the Zionist whore Dick Armey! How much is AIPAC paying him to shill for Israel? Maybe they have secrets about him. (I know how dangerous those can be, when people have secrets about you. I will never launch a commando operation against Romania, I can assure you that much!)
I Get So Angry Sometimes!

Those Zionist rat-bastards over at CNN have investigated the atrocities in Jenin and decided to take the Israeli side? Would you believe this? Even the Infidel media has deserted me now! There was a massacre in Jenin! There was a massacre in Jenin! There were great crimes in Jenin! There are great crimes now in Bethlehem, in the Nativity Church! Why are you reading this blog? Go away! Go to the Nativity Church, and see the racist Zionist crimes!

But what does the infidel media know? They think there will be an end to the siege at the Nativity Church! Idiots! The siege will continue as long as I can draw it out, it is showing Sharon's aggression for all the world to see. I have no incentive to tell my soldiers to end the siege, the wanted men have no incentive to end the siege (they will be arrested or exiled), and the people who are not wanted have no real incentive to end the siege (Sharon has promised to let them go, and I will reward them for their løyalty).
Sometimes I Feel Like This

I feel like I'm not going anywhere, like I'm trapped. After the racist Nazionist Sharon trashed all of my activists, I can't even send a bomber into Occupied Historical Palestine (I think that Mr. Quick is on to me. Him and Ion Mihai Pacepa!)

It's not like I'm not trying to get the attacks starting again! How can I restart the peace process with Sharon when there are no buses blowing up? How can I negotiate with him when the Israelis feel safe and it's clear I can't hurt them? How can I negotiate from this position of such weakness?

And that's exactly Sharon's plan. He's broken me, and my whole outfit. And now he's going to President Bush to give him a peace plan.

Should I have signed the plan Barak gave me, the one he presented at the end of the summit? I would have come out of it looking like I betrayed my people.

But that's where I am now. They hate me for agreeing to give up Fouad and Ahmad, and I've lost my top flunkies, Fatah and Hamas are both hurt badly. I'm in a worse position to negotiate, but I no longer have the choice between fighting and negotiation. Now all I can do is stall or negotiate. How long can I wait? Stalling won't do me any good, because George Bush is doing the exact same thing! He just wants to wait to take out Saddam. And then I'll be in an even weaker position to negotiate! What should I do? It's so difficult, I'm in such a tough position.

I wish my people would have more sympathy for me, I've been going through some really hard times lately.
Roger and Me -- My Photo Album!

When's the Last Time Sharon got this much Attention?

Not that I would ever brag (I'm so modest!), but the first one is Cardinal Roger, he's Catholic. The one on the right is Sheik Al-Tammimi, and the one of the right is my pal Theo (he's a doctor, and a Greek Orthodox). And the last picture is me giving some love to Atallah (he's a greek East-Orthodox, his cheek tasted like humus mmmm and his beard was scratchy!)

(by the way, this counts as me doing work, because I have to have good PR to keep my resistance going)
I was going to do some work

But since the evil zionist nazi Sharon killed and arrested most of my activists (most of them hid, and then surrendered! almost nobody tried to fight back!), there's not much for me to do. Well, I could always strap a bomb to my chest (as if I'm ever going to do that! It might impress Terje, but then I could never be with him!)

So anyway, I have nothing to do! I can't meet with the United Nations investigative team, becuase they aren't coming! The Israeli nazi zionist occupiers wouldn't let them in unless they agreed to a bunch of Zionazi conditions!

And I think I would have gotten along really well with them. Sometimes I think I have no friends. I think people are just using me to wage war against the Israelis, the Saudis are willing to fight Israel "to the last Palestinian." It's tough sometimes. You know, it's really ironic. I thought things would get better when I finally got out of my office, but they've just gotten worse!!

Abu Amar
General Abu Amar
Yasser Arafat

General Yasser Arafat
Commander Yasser Arafat

Captain Yasser Arafat
General Yasser Arafat
Cømmander Yasser Arafat
General Yasser Rød-Larsen
Terje Rød-Arafat
Anyway, I've got to find something to do, or I'm going to go crazy! After being trapped in that office for so long, I've GOT to get out and have some fun. I'll be back to post later.
But I've got Bigger Troubles!

My Minister of Parliamentary Affairs resigned. Why would Nabil desert me at a time like this? How could he do this to me?

In order to get out of being grounded in my Mukata office in Ramallah, the Israelis made me give up six of my friends. And I did, but I think I might have made a big mistake!

Four of them are some guys who went and killed that Zionist Nazi Occupier Rehavam Ze'evi. He wanted to kick us all out of the West Bank! What a bastard! What a bastard! I put them in a show trial, and had them convicted for the Israelis.

But the other two were good friends of mine. Fouad was my main man who tried to help smuggle in a whole shipful of weapons on the Karine A. The ship got caught by the Israeli zionazis (I cried for a week!), and to make things worse the Israelis wanted to arrest him! And Ahmad is the head of the DFLP (they're not really democratic, don't be fooled :-D).

I didn't want to arrest them, I tried not to. But the Israelis wouldn't bulge, and that Zionist twit George Bush made me arrest them. I had no choice!!

They were taken away by an American convoy, to one of my jails. But I can't just let them all out this time, because they'll be guarded by American and British soldiers!

This wouldn't be so terrible, I could go on without them. But the people don't understand. They think I'm a sellout! They think I betrayed them! But they have to understand, I did what I could. I had to get out of Ramallah, it was too much for me to take, being trapped in my office. It's not fair!! It's not fair!!

I tried to tell the people I didn't really send Fouad and Ahmad to jail, I told Al Jazeera they were free. That might not have been a good idea, it's not like I can just take that back. But it was the best I could think of at the time! Honest!

It's getting late, I have to get up and get to work soon. I can't keep sleeping in late any more, now that I've been let out of my siege. I should never have given up those two guys! Anyway, It won't matter, once my forces carry out a bomb attack against a tank (I've been planning this operation for a few days) in Shomron, I'll show the Zionist occupiers they will have to withdraw.
I'm Not Grounded Anymore!!

But I'm still on restriction! The Zionist Nazi Occupier Racist Murderers released me from my office in Ramallah, but they won't let me leave the country!

This is so not fair! I wanted to hang out with my friends like Amr Moussa from the Arab League, and maybe get some money from them. My finances are tight, even though I get money from Saddam, the Saudis, and the Europeans, because Sharon broke the infrastructure I spent years building up! He captured most of my activists, and he stole as many records as he could.

Some of the records could point to me as helping the militants! I keep telling the world, I'm not a terrorist and I don't like terrorism, and so far they still believe me.
I lost my Best Friend!

My best friend Marwan Barghouti was arrested by the evil racist Nazi Zionist occupiers! He let them take him alive, he didn't even try to fight back, so I think he's going to tell them all my secrets!! I hope not, I thought he was my friend!

I hope he doesn't tell Sharon that I have a crush on Terje Rød-Larsen! I would just die of shame! I've always liked blonde guys (that's why I had so many East German "bodyguards" ;-o), but Terje's something special. He's such a hottie! I just love that ø in his name, it's so... mysterious.

I heard that slut Shimon is trying seduce Terje first. He's always smiling at him, they go off to lots of meetings together. And he even gave Terje $100,000 for no reason!

But I have the upper hand, because Terje gives ME money!

I wonder if Terje is trying to send me a secret signal with his hands?

Welcome to my Online Diary!

Since this is my first post, I should tell you a little about myself. I, General Yasser Arafat (If you haven't heard of me, I was born Mohammed Yasser Abdul-Ra'ouf Qudwa Al-Husseini, but that's a mouthful. I also go by the nom de terreur "Abu Amar" sometimes).

I started this diary because I was left hurt and heartbroken by the events of the last few days, they've been very difficult for me. I hope you understand!